Dental Care for Kids

If you are in the market for dental care for kids, our Mount Lawley Dental Clinic is the right place for you. Dentique Dental Spa understands how to manage dental care for kids of all ages. In reality, good oral health habits that start early are an important part of establishing a life-long healthy smile. We can help your kids learn how to actually have fun learning how to take good care of their teeth. Aside from using the right tooth paste, flossing and brushing regularly we also like to educate kids about other things they can choose to do in order to support a healthier set of teeth.

For example, chewing gum can be a great way to increase saliva and loosen debris from the teeth, but great tasting sugar free chewing gum options are always the best choice. Another example is making sure that if your child needs a bottle or sippy cup to sleep use fluoridated water for them to drink rather than any kind of sugary juices. When your child falls asleep to a bottle with any kind of sugary drink it ruins the integrity of their baby teeth and potentially the permanent teeth.

Additionally, you can help set the habit for brushing teeth after every meal which helps associate good food with the need for clean teeth. When this kind of habit is learned at a young good oral health habits become like second nature. Keeping your kids away from gummy foods as snacks can help to keep those baby teeth free from sticky, tooth decaying debris. Regular visits to the dentist are also important for kids.

Our Mt Lawley Dental Care Clinic

Mt lawley Dental Spa

At Dentique Dental Spa our Mount Lawley dental clinic is the best option for kids. We understand that it can be intimidating for young kids to get used to coming to the dentist. We work hard to keep our dental environment kid friendly and stress free. We offer the very best for your kids when it comes to dental treatments, offering consultation on options for dental sealants and other tooth decay prevention strategies. If you have any questions about the kind of services we provide here at Dentique Dental Spa, we invite you to give us a call. We pride ourselves on giving great customer service while offering state of the art dental care for your kids.

We offer you the best methods for promoting healthy teeth and we are confident that as you come in to our office you will never want to take your kids anywhere else. Dental care for kids is unique, requiring expertise and experience. We here at Dentique Dental Spa offer compassionate and sensitive dental care for kids of all ages. Give us a call today and we can set up an appointment or give you more details.

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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