Dental Plaque

Did you know that the buildup of dental plaque is the main culprit when it comes to problems associated with tooth decay and gum disease? At our Dentique Dental Spa Mt Lawley dental clinic, we work hard to help prevent any problems with plaque buildup and eventual tooth decay. We have all experienced the feeling of plaque buildup on our teeth which quickly happens when, for whatever reason, we go a whole day without brushing our teeth. When that happens, you can rub your tongue along your teeth and feel the coating on your teeth and gum line.

The same is true for plaque buildup that naturally happens on the teeth for hard to reach places. When you come in regularly to the Mt Lawley dental clinic here at Dentique Dental Spa for dental checkups you can rest assured that your teeth are as clean as possible. We help you prevent tooth decay and subsequent dental cavities through these regular checkups as well as assisting you with proper oral hygiene habits. Often times you can prevent excessive plaque build up by developing the right techniques when it comes to brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis. Having the right kind of toothbrush that you replace regularly along with the right kind of tooth paste also makes a big difference. Dentist Portrait

The truth is that plaque buildup is a natural occurring process that will happen each time you have something to eat or drink. This is why making the time to brush at least twice a day or after each meal is a responsible way manage your oral health needs. This can be especially challenging with the younger people in the home who like to eat snacks all throughout the day. In addition, flossing before you brush helps you to loosen up any debris in the back molars of your mouth where a toothbrush cannot reach effectively and where you can experience excessive plaque buildup.

In our Mt Lawley dental clinic, we work with people of all ages to manage plaque and to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile.Our team is experienced and passionate about supporting optimal oral health goals. Get in touch with our expert dental team here at Dentique Dental Spa for more information about your oral hygiene needs. We are here to serve you and we believe that once you experience dental care with us, you will never want to go anywhere else!

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