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Smile & Teeth Whitening Fun Facts

Many people long to have a beautiful bright white smile. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and an awesome smile can help you feel more confident and attractive. While tooth whitening is fairly common, there is a lot about it that many people do not know.

As you get ready to celebrate the holidays with your office co-workers friends and family, quite a few people consider getting a teeth whitening session to look their best for the holiday parties. While tooth whitening is generally a safe procedure, there are a few small risks or complications that can arise.

Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth can be a common side-effect of in-office whitening treatments. In-office treatments that use strong bleaching gels can make those who are prone to tooth sensitivity, more sensitive. Sensitivity can occur if you have any small cracks in your teeth, fillings that are leaking or open cavities. Those prone to sensitivity may take precautions by using a desensitizing tooth paste for about a few weeks before treatment, or may choose to use a lower strength whitening gel. Lower strength gels may take longer to show results but can decrease the amount of sensitivity.

Gum Irritation

Along with tooth sensitivity, gum irritation is another potential risk. The gums can become irritated or inflamed after contact with whitening gel. Gum inflammation usually does not last and is over quickly. Additionally, some people may experience calcium changes on their teeth that appear as small white streaks or spots. These spots typically disappear within a day.

Hydrogen Peroxide Gel

Higher concentrations of whitening gel or hydrogen peroxide will produce better results, however they will also pose the most risk for side-effects like sensitivity. The best combination is a balance of a mid-strength whitening gel with a lower risk of side effects. A professional tooth cleaning is recommended prior to having a professional whitening treatment. It’s also important to note that the back of the teeth should be cleaned just as much as the front is, because the teeth are opaque. A professional cleaning will remove any particles that may be sticking to the teeth that will interfere with the bleaching process and produce uneven results. You may be able to see some decent results with over-the-counter whitening products, however, professional strength products will produce faster and more obvious results. Professional whitening gels are higher in strength than over-the-counter options and the overall cost to achieve similar results is not all that different.

If you’re going to the trouble of tooth whitening procedures, you want to make sure you are getting the best results possible. That’s why at Dentique Dental Spa we perform a full evaluation of your oral health before any teeth whitening treatment. Based on the health and sensitivity of your teeth, we’ll customise the process to ensure maximum results with minimum of discomfort.

Maintain Your White Smile

Tooth whitening results last longer depending on your lifestyle and the products used to whiten. Drinking red wine, dark colored sodas and smoking will stain your teeth very quickly. These activities should be avoided if you want to keep your teeth white.

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