Invisalign Review in 2021

Reviewing Invisalign Teeth Straightening in 2021

An Objective Look at Choosing Invisalign Over Traditional Metal Braces as an Adult

As one of the most highly recognizable brands in the ‘invisible braces’ industry, you’ve no doubt come across Invisalign when researching braces as an adult. With over 100,000 Invisalign certified dentists spanning 90+ countries and having improved the smiles of over 6 million people (4.2 million of whom were adults), it’s hard NOT to give Invisalign serious consideration for straightening your teeth.

But is it worth it? Has anything changed since its debut in 1997?

In this 2021 updated Invisalign review, we’ll cover the nuts and bolts of the product, and whether or not it’s still worth it for adults in 2021 and beyond.

What Makes Invisalign So Unique?


Introduced in 1997, the company behind Invisalign hasn’t rested on its laurels. Since hitting the market, the company has amassed over 450 patents and has continually worked to improve the look, feel, function, and results in the product produces. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign has aged well over time and has come a long way.


One of the major complaints about traditional braces is that they are bulky and unsightly. Although it is much more commonplace for a teen to be seen with traditional braces, the same cannot be said for adults. Those who work in customer-facing roles or who are more self-conscious find the ‘invisible’ nature of Invisalign clear aligners to be highly appealing. In fact, without close inspection, you wouldn’t even know the person you were talking to was wearing them.


Not only are Invisalign aligners aesthetically pleasing, maintaining the natural beauty of your pearly whites, they also have a high success rate of yielding positive outcomes for patients.


If there is one thing traditional braces lack, it’s comfort. In fact, for many, traditional metal braces are downright painful. They can put excess stress on the jaw and supporting tissues, causing direct and indirect pain and discomfort.

Invisalign, by contrast, works slower and more gradually, gently positioning the teeth into alignment with the use of a series of clear aligners used in sequence. The result is a comfortable, pain-free experience with many users often forgetting they even have Invisalign in.

Lastly, traditional braces use wires and metal components, whereas Invisalign is made from plastic material, resulting in a marked difference in comfort.

Fewer Restrictions

Regular metal braces come with a laundry list of restrictions. For example, you are not allowed to eat or enjoy certain foods such as nuts, popcorn, chewy bread or sweets, hard food items, gum, and more. Failure to adhere to these lifestyle changes could result in damaging wires and bands in your mouth. Invisalign, on the other hand, enables you to remove your clear aligners when eating. This means that you can enjoy all of the same foods you did previously, with no restrictions necessary.


Invisalign clear aligners are not permanently attached to your teeth. As such, these aligners can be removed when you eat.

RECAP: Benefits of Invisalign Clear Aligners

  • Innovative technology
  • Good results
  • Discreet and “invisible”
  • Comfortable
  • Fewer restrictions
  • Convenient

What are Some of the Downsides of Invisalign?

Although an often fantastic option for adults looking to straighten their pearly whites, Invisalign isn’t always the default best choice.

More Dental Visits

Invisalign may require additional dental visits in order to check on your teeth as they gently shift into optimal positions. In the beginning, we’ll see you more frequently, but as your treatment progresses, we’ll see you less and less. Once you’ve got into a good habit of wearing and maintaining your aligners, we can supply you with the next few sets of aligners all at once. Each set is worn for about one to two weeks.

Not Always a Good Fit

In some cases, the misalignment and damage of the teeth may be so severe or unique that other dental procedures are required in addition to Invisalign treatment.

More Inconvenient in Some Ways

While a very minor concern, some patients may find the removal and cleaning of the aligners for eating to be cumbersome.

Invisalign Costs

Arguably the worst thing about Invisalign for many patients is the price tag. That said, your insurance may cover a good portion of the tab. For whatever isn’t covered, Dentique Dental Spa offers quick and easy financing to help make Invisalign treatment affordable.

RECAP: Downsides of Invisalign

  • More required visits at the dentist.
  • It May not be the only treatment required depending on each case.
  • Higher costs (covered by financing)

Is Invisalign Right for you as an Adult in 2021?

Although only you and your dentist can make this call, Invisalign still offers a lot of value and benefits as compared to traditional braces, especially for adults.

If you have been weighing your options but are still on the fence, give us a call or set up a consultation today. Our team would love to learn more about your goals, situation, and how we can help answer any questions you might have.

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