Strategically situated in WA, Dentique Dental Spa extends our state-of-the-art dental services to residents in and around the Wanneroo community, specializing in providing individualized, professional orthodontic solutions. Our team, which is comprised of highly trained and experienced dental professionals, is adept in the art and science of dental aesthetics.

At Dentique Dental Spa, we combine the best of both worlds—offering an integrated, scientific approach with a keen eye for creating beautiful smiles, aligning ourselves with your vision of perfect dental health and aesthetics. Specializing in Invisalign—a cutting-edge, virtually invisible solution for teeth alignment—we are dedicated to delivering superior dental care.

In line with our mission to offer technologically advanced treatments, we utilize patented SmartTrack® material—an innovation in aligner technology. Recognized for its efficacy, comfort, and expedited treatment timelines, this advanced technology positions us at the forefront of dental advances, enabling us to deliver quality affordable care to our patients.

Embarking on your journey to an improved smile with Invisalign in Wanneroo is a significant step. At Dentique Dental Spa, we ensure that this journey is smooth, comfortable, and rewarding.

So, are you ready to dive into the transformational journey of Invisalign? Let’s break down what you need to know!


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a cutting-edge orthodontic treatment that paves the way to straighter teeth and a beautiful smile. It leverages a series of custom-fabricated, virtually invisible aligners, each one specifically designed to guide your teeth into their optimal positions step-by-step. These aligners are crafted from SmartTrack®, a patented plastic material that offers superior comfort and effectiveness.

Ideal for both adults and teenagers, Invisalign is a modern and stylish alternative to conventional braces. Its removable design allows for easy eating and cleaning, ensuring seamless integration into your lifestyle.

Invisalign stands as a testament to our commitment to incorporating the latest dental technology and advancements. Our adept dentists use their extensive knowledge of this modern orthodontic technology to devise the most suitable treatment plan for you, ensuring results that are not only effective but also blend seamlessly with your lifestyle.


How Invisalign Works and the Benefits It Brings

The Invisalign treatment plan involves a series of custom-made aligners crafted to fit your teeth precisely. The functionality of these aligners revolves around the application of controlled force on your teeth, encouraging them to gradually shift into a better alignment.

Utilizing the biomechanics of orthodontic movements, the aligners exert gentle yet consistent pressure on your teeth. This targeted pressure, applied through the carefully crafted plastic aligners, nudges your teeth towards their ideal placement in your mouth. Each aligner in the series instigates a slight movement, gradually aligning your teeth over the course of the treatment. To ensure optimal results, it’s recommended that you commit to wearing your aligners for approximately 20 to 22 hours each day.

Choosing Invisalign over traditional braces is more than just a cosmetic decision; it also offers a multitude of significant benefits. One such advantage is the comfort factor. Invisalign aligners, made from a proprietary, multilayer SmartTrack® material, are designed to ensure a snug fit, thereby providing an elevated level of comfort compared to conventional metal braces. The clear aligners are smooth, flexible, and customized to your teeth, which reduces irritation to your gums and the insides of your mouth.

Moreover, the aesthetic appeal of Invisalign is an important consideration for many patients. Traditional braces, with their metallic look, can often cause self-consciousness, especially during social interactions or events. In contrast, Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible, ensuring that your orthodontic treatment remains discreet.


Invisalign Treatment Duration and Cost Considerations

The duration of your Invisalign journey is dependent on your specific orthodontic needs. Minor corrections may require just seven aligners over seven weeks, while more complex cases could necessitate between 20 to 50 aligners. During your complimentary Smile Assessment at Dentique Dental Spa, we will provide a tailored treatment plan and an estimated timeline based on your individual needs.

In terms of cost, Invisalign treatments at Dentique Dental Spa range from $2,500 to $9,000, depending on the complexity of your case. We understand that budget considerations are important, and that’s why we offer a variety of financing options, including payment plans with or without a deposit. In addition, your dental insurance may provide coverage for your Invisalign treatment, depending on your policy.


The Dentique Dental Spa Difference: Your Trusted Invisalign Provider in Wanneroo

When you choose Dentique Dental Spa for your Invisalign treatment, you are choosing a dedicated team of dental professionals committed to excellence. As a leading provider of Invisalign in Wanneroo, we are passionate about delivering remarkable outcomes for our patients. Our expert team leverages advanced Invisalign technology, including the unique ClinCheck® software and iTero intraoral scanner, to visualize and plan your treatment effectively.

Begin your journey to a radiant, confident smile today with Dentique Dental Spa. Our consistently positive patient reviews reflect our unwavering commitment to quality care and exceptional outcomes. Whether your goal is to close gaps, expand your smile, or correct crowding, Invisalign at Dentique Dental Spa could be your perfect solution. Contact us today at ​​08 6244 0089 to schedule your complimentary Smile Assessment and take the first step towards your smile transformation!


All About Wanneroo

Wanneroo, a city in the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, is a fast-growing area known for its beautiful natural spaces, rich history, and bustling community life.

The history of Wanneroo is an interesting mix of old and new, and nowhere is this more evident than at the Wanneroo Regional Museum. Visitors to the museum can learn about the city’s past, from the time of the first people to the recent developments that have shaped it into the thriving city it is today.

For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, Wanneroo has a lot to offer. Yellagonga Regional Park, with its walking and cycling paths, is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. It’s a great place for a picnic, a leisurely walk, or bird-watching.

Next to the park, the Wanneroo Botanic Gardens is another beautiful spot that nature lovers will enjoy. The gardens have a wide range of plants and also feature the largest mini-golf course open to the public in Western Australia, adding a fun twist to a day out in nature.

On the weekends, the Wanneroo Market comes to life, with stalls selling everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to handmade crafts. It’s a lively place that showcases the spirit and culture of the local community.

Points of Interest in Wanneroo

  • Wanneroo Showgrounds 21 Ariti Ave, 6065
  • Wanneroo Recreation Centre 275 Scenic Dr, 6065
  • Wanneroo Botanic Gardens 25 Drovers Pl, 6065
  • Wanneroo Aquamotion 19 Civic Dr, 6065
  • Edgar Griffth Dog Park 29 Garden Park Dr, 6065