Invisalign Mount Lawley

Do metal wires and frequent dental visits have you second-guessing your journey to straighter teeth? You’re not alone. Many people are seeking a modern solution for straighter teeth that combines efficiency with aesthetics. At Dentique Dental Spa, we offer Invisalign—a clear path to a confident smile without the traditional hassle associated with braces. No more metal distractions, just a seamless blend into your daily life.

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The Best-Rated Invisalign in Mount Lawley

Dentique Dental Spa is your go-to dentist for the best-rated Invisalign treatments in Mount Lawley, WA.

Our comprehensive dental services provide some of the best options for people who want a radiant smile without the inconvenience of traditional braces.

Opting for Invisalign means bidding farewell to wires and welcoming a series of removable aligners designed to correct your misaligned bite. These aligners offer a quick journey to straighter teeth, often reducing treatment time when compared to older methods. Known as invisible braces, Invisalign allows you to enjoy your favorite foods without restrictions while also allowing you to pursue a smile makeover with confidence.

Every patient receives a custom treatment plan, ensuring optimal results while minimising oral health risks. Trust in Dentique Dental Spa’s expertise to provide top-of-the-line dental procedures tailored for you.

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Understanding Invisalign

In 1997, a revolutionary idea was born in San Jose, California. A new company named Align Technology sought to redefine teeth alignment with a new concept and technique. From their vision, Invisalign emerged. Today, the Invisalign method of teeth straightening stands as an epitome of innovation in dental care.

Redefining Orthodontic Treatment

Traditional metal braces, while effective, often pose aesthetic and comfort challenges. Invisalign was introduced to bridge this gap. These clear, plastic aligners work systematically to ensure that your teeth transition into their desired position with discretion and comfort.

Technological Superiority: ClinCheck Software

Invisalign’s triumph isn’t just about aesthetics. The ClinCheck software offers patients an immersive 3D simulation. This preview feature, a rare offering in orthodontic treatments, ensures transparency and sets clear expectations for treatment.

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Why Choose Invisalign?

Beyond its discreet design, Invisalign is versatile. Whether it’s fixing an overbite, bringing together gapped teeth, or alleviating the discomfort of crowding, Invisalign offers tailored solutions.

From being nearly invisible to allowing a regular diet without restrictions, Invisalign stands out as the clear substitute for regular braces. The convenience of fewer appointments, coupled with its advanced technological approach and comfort, makes Invisalign a winning option.

Gone are the days when braces were associated solely with teenagers. As dental science evolves, so do treatment options for people of all ages. Embrace the truth: you’re never too old to prioritise dental health and aesthetics.

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The Invisalign Process: From Scan to Smile

At Dentique Dental Spa, we prioritise comfort at your very first visit. With the iTero scanner, we’ve said goodbye to the age-old discomfort of dental molds. This digital marvel ensures precision while speeding up the treatment initiation process.

After the scan, your dental journey becomes collaborative. With the ClinCheck software, you’re invited to actively participate in your smile’s design. It’s a partnership where your feedback plays a central role.

After mutual agreement on the ClinCheck simulation, your custom-made aligners are fashioned. Each aligner represents a step closer to your desired outcome. Over the weeks, as you transition through the aligners, the change is evident and amazing.

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Breaking Myths: Debunking Common Invisalign Misconceptions

As with any revolutionary product, Invisalign is surrounded by its fair share of myths. Let’s clear the air:

Myth: Invisalign can only treat minor dental issues.

Fact: Invisalign can handle a wide range of dental problems, from minor adjustments to more complex realignments. The versatility of the Invisalign treatment is one of its standout features.

Myth: The treatment duration is longer than traditional braces.

Fact: The treatment duration is subjective and varies depending on the individual’s dental concerns. In many cases, Invisalign can achieve results faster than traditional braces.

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Taking Care of Your Invisalign: Maintenance and Hygiene

A successful Invisalign treatment involves a mutual partnership between the orthodontic team and the patient. Understanding how to care for your aligners is crucial.

Routine Cleaning

Just like your teeth, your aligners need regular cleaning. Gentle brushing coupled with the right cleaning solutions can ensure they remain clear and hygienic.

Safe Storage

When not in use, like during meals, store your aligners in their protective case. This ensures they remain free from contaminants and potential damage.

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The Difference: Dentique Dental Spa’s Expertise

With so many orthodontic choices, Dentique Dental Spa stands ready to assist individuals who are ready to achieve their ideal smile. Here’s what makes us different than other clinics:

Experienced Professionals

With years of experience, the team at Dentique Dental Spa has paved the way for individualized orthodontic solutions. We employ highly trained professionals who are extremely passionate about transforming smiles.

Client-Centric Approach

Our clinic firmly believes that each patient is unique. Every person’s dental structure, concerns, expectations, and apprehensions differ, so we tailor each treatment plan to individual needs.

Holistic Dental Health Philosophy

We don’t view Invisalign as just a cosmetic treatment. We see it as a part of a patient’s overall dental health and hygiene. By aligning teeth, we also aim to promote better oral health, reduce wear and tear, and ensure the longevity of your dental structure.

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Patient Finance Options at Dentique Dental Spa

Invisalign is more than an orthodontic treatment; it’s an investment in a brighter smile giving you renewed confidence. At Dentique Dental Spa, Dr. Furlan and her experienced team understand that sometimes dental treatments can stretch your budget. That’s why we offer clear, flexible financing solutions tailored to your needs.

Transparent Payment Solutions

  • Immediate Health Fund Claims: Our Hicaps terminals allow instant claims, ensuring you can utilise your dental coverage right away.
  • Card Payments: We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express without additional commission charges.
  • Diverse Financing Options: Choose from MediPay, Penny Wise, or our in-house plans to divide your payments into manageable amounts. Achieve your dream smile without having to wait or break your budget.

Our friendly team is ready to help you with a payment solution that aligns with your budget and needs. Schedule your free consultation with us at 08 6244 0089.


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A captivating smile can transform not just your appearance but also your confidence. With Invisalign and Dentique Dental Spa’s expertise, this transformation is within reach. Embrace this opportunity and unlock a world of confidence and compliments.

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About Mount Lawley, WA

Mount Lawley is a vibrant suburb located just north of Perth’s city centre.

This area is known for a bustling café strip on Beaufort Street that has a variety of eateries and coffee shops. Visitors can find boutique shops and trendy bars that offer a lively atmosphere, especially during the evenings and weekends.

The Astor Theatre, a significant point of interest, hosts a mix of music gigs, comedy shows, and cultural events, making it a hub for entertainment in the suburb. For those interested in outdoor activities, the beautiful Hyde Park provides a tranquil space for picnics, jogging, or a leisurely stroll by the ponds.

Another notable place is the Mount Lawley Golf Club, offering golf enthusiasts a great golf course and scenic views. Nearby, the Edith Cowan University’s Mount Lawley campus attracts students from all over, adding to the suburb’s youthful and dynamic vibe.


Neighbourhoods We Serve

  • Astor Precinct
  • Beaufort Street Area


Points of Interest in Mount Lawley, WA

  • Astor Theatre Perth 659 Beaufort St, 6050
  • St. Patrick’s Anglican Church Beaufort St & First Ave, 65 First Ave, 6050
  • St John of God Mt Lawley Hospital Corner Ellesmere Rd & Thirlmere Road, 6050
  • Banks Reserve Pavilion 60 Joel Terrace, 6050


Parks in Mount Lawley, WA

  • Forrest Park Cnr Walcott &, Curtis St, 6050
  • Hamer Park Reserve 9E Stancliffe St, 6050
  • Copley Park 726 Beaufort St, 6050
  • Faull Park 50 Fifth Ave, 6050


Colleges/Universities in Mount Lawley, WA

  • Edith Cowan University Mount Lawley Campus 2 Bradford St, 6050
  • Perth College 31 Lawley Cres, 6050
  • North Metropolitan TAFE Mount Lawley Cnr Lord St and, Harold St, 6050


Major Highways in Mount Lawley, WA

  • Beaufort Street
  • Walsh Loop
  • Guildford Road