No Need To Fear Your Next Dental Checkup

Did you know that a significant percentage of the population, some say up to 75%, experience some level of fear or anxiety about visiting the dentist?

Dentique Dental Spa is the best Mt Lawley Dentist when it comes to a sensitive and compassionate approach to any dental experience. Keep us in mind if you have considered cancelling your dental checkup due to feelings of fear or anxiety. There are some people who experience such a severe level fear that they cannot even consider setting the dental appointment. Let us help you manage any anxiety by consulting with you individually before your next dental appointment.

When you come to Dentique Dental Spa to meet your Mt Lawley Dentist you will feel the difference in our compassionate and gentle approach to all dental care. Most anxieties associated with the dentist originate from a traumatic childhood dental experience. Unfortunately, some dental offices are not prepared to help manage dental care for young children in a way that feels safe and secure. You can rest assured that, at Dentique Dental Spa, we care about creating an atmosphere where all dental patients feel safe and respected throughout the entire office visit.

Research indicates that it is natural for people to feel vulnerable when it comes to protecting their own airway.

Having a dental hygienist or dentist ask you to open wide in order to work on your mouth creates an innate sense of low level anxiety in many people. Don’t feel like it is something too unusual for you to bring up so we can help manage your anxiety and even help you look forward to coming in for your Mt Lawley Dentist visits.

Schedule a free smile assessment

Give us a call today so we can set up a consultation appointment to help you understand why there is no need to fear your dental experience with Dentique Dental Spa. Taking the time to ask as many questions about what to expect can go a long way towards alleviating anxiety. For example, being able to establish an agreed upon signal for stopping the experience any time in the process, gives you the power you need to communicate with confidence while you are in the dental chair. In addition to asking questions, the more often you come in for regular checkups, the less anxiety you will feel. The reason this happens is because each time you come in to our office you will have positively reinforcing experiences that will help you see why there is no need to fear coming in to see us.

We understand that many people have legitimate concerns about visiting the dentist based on previously negative experiences. We encourage you to choose Dentique Dental Spa for your Mt Lawley Dentist. We look forward to changing your perspective when it comes to regular dental visits. Give us a call today and let us help you change your feelings about taking care of your smile today. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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