The Many Advantages of Getting a Dental Bridge at the Best Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic

Are you looking for the best local dentist to help you out with a dental bridge? Bridges can be one of the most effective means of replacing missing teeth, and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you with these procedures. Whether you need to restore your smile, or would simply like to redistribute the force of your bite properly, our dental bridges will definitely come in handy.

What Are Dental Bridges for?

Teeth bridges are designed to strengthen the structural integrity of your teeth. When you have one or several missing teeth, dental bridges act to literally “bridge” the gap, and anchor your other teeth to offer increased stability than, for example, the use of a dental implant.

Bridging a tooth also involves the use of pontics, or false teeth. These are similar to implants, and can vary in the material used or their appearance, depending on the type of bridge you decide to get.

At our clinic you can enjoy deciding between a selection of all three major types of dental bridges. These are traditional bridges, Maryland bonded bridges and Cantilever bridges. To find out which one will be more appropriate for your specific needs, just schedule an appointment, and we will be happy to provide you with everything you require.

The Main Benefits of a Dental Bridge

In most cases, even a temporary tooth bridge can go a long way toward getting you the benefits you’re expecting. A bridge for your teeth will go a long way toward providing you with both the appearance related benefits and the health benefits you want:

• Our professional dental bridge procedures will help you completely restore your smile and maintain the aesthetic shape of your face and jaw.
• By getting a tooth bridge, you can restore your ability to chew more easily, even when it comes to foods that you had trouble with in the past.
• Your bite force will be evenly distributed, further benefiting your chewing abilities.
• Perhaps the greatest benefit of a bridge is that it prevents teeth from drifting out of their normal position.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Bridges

Q: Should I get a dental bridge or implant? What’s the difference?

A: There are good reasons for both. While implants are designed for replacing individual teeth, bridges can be more suitable when you’re missing several teeth close to each other. Bridges also offer added support which can be invaluable for keeping your teeth in good order.

Q: What major changes will I need to adopt in my normal oral health routine?

A: Since the bridge is fixed inside the mouth, you may have to adjust some of your oral health routines – particularly in the case of flossing. An added step that is required would be to thread the floss under the false teeth.

Q: Are bridges built to last? What happens if they are damaged?

A: Bridges can involve false teeth made of gold, composite material, various alloys or porcelain. Most of the time, the bridge structure and the false teeth can last for decades, however, if they should fail, dental bridge repair treatment is needed, and you may also need a new bridge.

Q: Bridges vs. implants: which one is best when it comes to aesthetics?

A: Although implants offer a more natural feel, a dental bridge is the best choice – both practically and from an appearance point of view – when you need several teeth replaced.