Straighten Your Smile With Invisalign

Dentique Dental Spa is the best name in Mt Lawley for Invisalign. If are you been struggling with a crooked smile for a long time and are finally ready to invest in improving that smile, along with your confidence, we invite you to come in and learn more about these clear braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a clear braces system used by our cosmetic Dentist to give you straighter teeth without a mouth full of conspicuous metal. Needing to deal with the painful metal on the inner lips and gum line is one reason why people may go for a lifetime without ever getting their teeth straightened.

These teeth straightening devices are practically invisible as they gradually work, over time to bring you the beautiful smile you thought you could never have. The Mt Lawley Invisalign experts with Dentique Dental Spa know the value that comes from being able to smile with confidence. Over time we have seen patients come in, embarrassed by their crooked teeth, who choose to invest in Invisalign and the end result is powerful. You can have those same results too.


The process to strengthen your smile

The Mt Lawley Invisalign process is state of the art. Once you come in for a cosmetic dental consultation we use computer imaging to custom make the exact Invisalign braces to perfect your smile. The computer system creates a serious of clear retainers that can but put on and taken off throughout the teeth alignment process. This makes it much easier to brush and floss your teeth as you would normally do, when compared with metal braces. The retainers work successively to apply gentle pressure to the teeth in order to move them into place. The process is so much less painful and intrusive on the mouth and less restrictive overall. Our patients love it and are very happy with the end results.

The first clear retainer will fit on your teeth exactly as they are now and each successive retainer is formed to slightly move the teeth into the right place, according to the computerized custom alignment process. On average, each retainer needs to be worn for about two weeks, throughout the day and night. The retainer is to be removed at meal times only. In the end, the realignment process with Invisalign will take about as much time as traditional braces. On great advantage to Invisalign is that there are no food or drink restrictions since you can remove the retainers to eat and drink. The removable retainer also means that you won’t have the same risk of decay or tooth stains that are more common with metal braces.

Give us a call today and we can answer all the questions you have about Invisalign and how it can benefit your smile for a lifetime.

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