What Is Better: In-Chair or Home Teeth Whitening?

Pros & Cons of In-Chair Whitening Vs Home Whitening

…The answer depends on your needs and wants, and your budget.

With the Zoom In-Chair Teeth Whitening, you can walk out of the office with a new whiter smile in just 90 minutes whilst the Home Whitening procedure will take about 2 weeks to give similar results.

What Is In-Chair Teeth Whitening?

So why is that?  The reason In-Chair whitening procedures are so much faster is because of the much higher concentration of the whitening gel that can be used under the supervision of our staff.

Because of the higher concentration, there is also the risk of higher sensitivity and soft tissue damage, therefore it is imperative that all the soft tissues such as gums, lips, and cheeks are fully covered and protected during this procedure.

If there are any issues arising our staff can attend and deal with that issue immediately.

In addition to the higher concentration, these gels are also activated by light.

Unlike many other systems, Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed uses a proprietary LED light to accelerate for maximum results in minimum time.

What About Home Teeth Whitening?

Because the Home whitening kits are used at home, the concentration of the whitening gel is much lower than the In-chair Whitening, as to make it safe for you to use in your own home following our instructions.

The way this procedure works is by placing the whitening gel in custom-fitted trays, for about 45 minutes daily or at night, for a duration of two weeks.

Compliance with the wearing of the trays daily,  in my opinion, is what makes this system less efficient.

With great compliance and commitment to wearing the trays daily, the results are just as amazing as the In-office whitening,

The benefit is that it is a much less expensive procedure in comparison to the In-Chair Whitening as it does not require the dental professional’s time to perform the procedure.

TIP.   A lot of patients ask me about the whitening they get done at the many beauty salons around. When comparing ZOOM Teeth Whitening to the beauty salons products, consumers should understands that the products used are not the same.

Here Is The Real Answer To Teeth Whitening

The results are not equivalent to ZOOM whitening, as the concentration of the gel non-dental professional can use is much much lower and also products like the Zoom White-speed light is not sold to non-dental professionals.

The home whitening kits since it is a prescribed treatment by a dental professional, and it is still a procedure taken under the care of that professional, these gels have a much higher concentration than products sold over the counter, so don’t be fooled by great advertising.

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