What is the difference between a BDS, a DMD or a DDS?

What Is The Difference Between BDS DMD & DDS

When finding a dentist you might notice that there are different letters behind the dentist’s names. This is similar to medical doctors as it tells you the level of education and training they have had.

However, a lot of people get confused about the difference between a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), a Bachelor of Dentistry (BDS), and a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS).

Students in all types of these degrees must complete four years of undergraduate coursework in pre-med sciences, get accepted to an accredited dental school, complete two years of dental school, and then take and pass various board testing.

The difference between these degrees is essentially nothing. All three take similar courses and testing but from different schools. The dental school determines if they offer DMD, BDS or DDS degrees

Finding a Dentist In Mt Lawley

All types of degrees are supposed to help the dentist with oral diagnosis and will typically be done in a 4-year span, after their undergraduate. DMDs are also able to practice dentistry like their DDS counterparts, but they can’t do orthodontics or pediatric dentistry in many cases.

If you are looking at finding a dentist in your area. These letters essentially mean that the dentist you are looking at is qualified to work on your teeth. So, why are there different names if the training is the same?

When Harvard started, they granted all their degrees in a suitable Latin name. The name Doctor of dental surgery was the first name that was given to the degree by the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. However, DDS didn’t fit the Harvard model, so they had to come up with a new name, the doctor of dental medicine. Today, schools have adapted the different names, but the fact of the matter is, they are basically the same.

However, just as with any degree, some things might vary. Schools have a standard curriculum, but that curriculum can vary within each school. This really isn’t anything that a patient should be concerned about.

Can a DMD, BDS, or DDS in dentistry perform the same things?

A DMD, BDS, or a DDS can do the same things. There are some differences between the two though. A DDS will typically better understand the basic sciences in dentistry, including anatomy, biochemistry, material science, radiology, pathology, and pharmacology. A DMD will usually have more training in the practical application of dentistry than a DDS. If you want to start getting specific, when it comes to simple dental procedures, they have basically the same training.

When looking at finding a dentist, you simply shouldn’t worry about these letters as much but more about where the office is located, if you like the office personnel and dentist, and what types of payments they accept. Finding a dentist around Mount Lawley will take some time and research.

The process of finding a new dentist can be overwhelming. Knowing that they both have essentially the same knowledge and training, there are other factors to take into consideration such as location, hours, reviews, and insurance coverage. Dental health is critical to your overall well-being so the search shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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