Emergency Dental Care

Keep Dentique Dental Spa in mind when you are in need of emergency Mount Lawley dental services. Even if you are the kind of person who follows the very best oral hygiene habits, you can still experience a dental emergency. This kind of painful problem can occur any time at any location and we are here to help alleviate the problem. In any emergent case, we invite you to call our office here at Dentique Dental Spa for the right kind of consultation.

Again, please don’t hesitate to contact our offices right away in order to attend quickly to any dental emergency. Not only is it important to eliminate the pain but neglecting the emergent issue can potentially result in long term or permanent damage. We are ready to handle all of your emergent Mount Lawley dental needs. We understand that immediate attention is required when things like this occur. Often times people think that they will need to schedule out an appointment that may take days or weeks to come, but we work you in right away for any dental emergency.

Here are some dental conditions that we would consider to be emergent although this is not an all inclusive listing:

• Crowns that have come loose
• Any kind of sudden or spiking toothache
• Discovering a broken filling
• Problems associated with painful gums
• Any kind of abscess
• The immediate need for a root canal
• Getting a broken or chipped tooth that needs to be fixed or any kind of blunt trauma to the mouth
• Bonding that breaks on an already repaired tooth
• Any kind of swelling in the mouth
• Tooth avulsions

In addition to these and other emergency services we can also provide repairs to dentures. Ill-fitting or broken dentures can make it very painful to speak or eat and, depending on the case, can be considered an emergent dental need. Dentique Dental Spa is your best Mount Lawley dental option available for comprehensive needs. We take care of everything from regular checkups to total smile makeovers and emergency dental needs. For more information give us a call and we can answer any questions you have about your dental needs or the needs of your family members. We enjoy serving the community of Mount Lawley through great dental care and look forward to welcoming you into our Dentique Dental Spa family soon!

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