Dermal Fillers to Achieve Fullness and Volume

Injectable cosmetic fillers, also known as dermal fillers, are substances used to replace, complement or enhance soft tissue in the skin for the purpose of reducing wrinkles. At Dentique Dental Spa Dr. Furlan relies on her training in skin care and years of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve a very natural and youthful smile.

Are Fillers Different from Wrinkle Reducing Injections?

Injectable fillers do precisely what their name suggest and unlike substances such as wrinkle reducing injections, these are not merely injections that have a chemical effect when it comes to playing a role in making wrinkles disappear. Instead, they are used as actual fillers that fill in a precisely determined area under the skin, and can remain there for a prolonged period of time to overcome the effects of aging skin.

Problems Dermal Fillers Fix

• Thin lips can be enhanced, along with shallow contours
• Dermal fillers have a way of effectively softening facial creases, lines, and wrinkles.
• Cheeks can be augmented to enhance their shape to achieve a  youthful appearance.
• Scars resulting from acne or chicken pox can be made to appear smoother.
• Effectively fills hollows (depressed areas), giving you a more energized appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dermal Fillers

Q: Should I go for synthetic or natural fillers?

A: Although natural fillers are less likely to lead to allergies since they mainly consist of hyaluronic acid derived from animals, the fillers only last for up to 18 months. Synthetic fillers, on the other hand, are semi-permanent, and your wrinkles will only return over time due to sun damage or the natural aging process.

Q: Can these treatments replace a facelift or brow lift?

A: These treatments are no substitute for cosmetic surgery. However, in some cases, cosmetic injectables can help offset the need to undergo an invasive surgical procedure.

Q: What materials are used?

A: Fillers are most commonly made from sugar molecules, collagens and other essential compounds such as biosynthetic polymers. We can provide you with additional details about dermal fillers, and help you decide on whether this procedure is right for you.

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