The Importance and Benefits of Regular Dental Check Up Appointments – What We Have to Offer

It is extremely important to get a dental check up every now and then. At our dentistry office, we are well aware of the fact that most of our patients have busy lives, and are not always able to get to their check up as regularly as they’d want to.

However, with our quick, affordable and seamless checkup procedures you will never have to wait around too long. Instead, we can make sure you receive a thorough check up, the best dental cleaning services and the most effective preventive dentistry advice that any dental hygiene clinic could offer.

The Advantages of Getting a Dental Check Up

1. Checkups are an essential part of preventive dentistry, allowing you to keep your teeth clean and healthy much longer.
2. Regular dental care and cleaning can keep away gum disease. Recent studies have even linked gum disease, strokes and heart disease, experts claiming that you can prevent heart and vascular problems by keeping your gums healthy.
3. Seeing a dental hygienist on a regular basis will also ensure that you keep a healthy, happy smile, and avoid embarrassing situations at work or in your private life.
4. You can prevent halitosis (bad breath).
5. Dental checkups also help you keep your teeth much longer, so you won’t need surgery, bridges or implants.

What Do Our Check Ups Consist of?

If you decide to visit our clinic for a thorough dental check up, you will be met with friendliness and an upbeat disposition each time. The process itself is seamless, involving a detailed examination of your teeth to check for anything like simple chips, cavities and damage, or even more serious problems such as periodontal disorders.

Teeth cleaning is also one of the main services we offer as part of the check up to patients who need it. Moreover, you will receive many invaluable insights and guidelines regarding your diet, brushing or flossing practices and important activities such as taking care of dentures, fillings or replacement teeth – if applicable. The whole process will not take very long, so you can go back to your job or family in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Dental Check Ups

Q: How can you detect problems and disorders through just a simple checkup?

A: Aside from checking for tartar, cavities and other obvious problems, we will also examine your gums, neck, throat, tongue, face and head for signs that aren’t always easy to see, but that can often provide key insight into the onset of various diseases.

Q: I haven’t had a dental check up in a while. What should I expect?

A: if you took good care of your teeth, then probably nothing. However, even in such cases it’s a good precaution to pay us a visit, since unforeseen problems can always arise.

Q: Can I get cosmetic dentistry services even if nothing is wrong with my teeth?

A: Sure! Cosmetic dentistry is based on your preferences, and – as long as the procedure is safe in your case – we will seek to accommodate your requirements.

Q: How often should I return for a new checkup?

A: It is generally recommended that you get a thorough dental check up at least once every 6 months to 2 years, depending on your age and the condition of your teeth; however, we may also recommend that you return as early as 3 months, if there are potential problems.