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SmileDirectClub Closed? Dentique Dental Spa is Here to Help in Mount Lawley

Like many former SmileDirectClub aligners customers, you may have felt shocked and frustrated to learn they have closed for business and filed for bankruptcy. Especially if you were in the middle of treatment and counting on SmileDirectClub to deliver the smile you were promised.

The good news is that right here in Mount Lawley, Dentique Dental Spa stands ready to pick up where SmileDirectClub left off. As a premium Perth dental spa, we have the expertise to take over your case, diagnose any issues, create a tailored treatment plan, and provide the attentive oversight needed to achieve your teeth straightening goals.

Dentique Dental Spa Is A Smile Direct Club Alternative In Mount Lawley

Dentique Dental Spa Is A SmileDirectClub Alternative in Mount Lawley.  If you were left with an incomplete treatment with SmileDirectClub, call Dentique Dental Spa today at 02 9223 1457

Customized Evaluation and Invisalign Treatment

With the abrupt SmileDirectClub closure, you may be wondering what comes next for your treatment. Have no worries – our talented team has the advanced training and years of cosmetic dentistry experience to conduct a thorough evaluation of your individual situation.

We’ll carefully examine your current alignment, what trays/plans you had remaining with SmileDirectClub, and determine the best path forward. This may involve new trays, attachments, appointments, and oversight customized around your case and specific needs. Through our detailed analysis, we identify opportunities the SmileDirectClub dental team may have missed.

At Dentique Dental Spa, you’ll enjoy a start-to-finish Teeth Straightening Solution personalized just for you. One that picks up right where you left off for minimized additional cost and time. 


  • Custom-fit Invisalign trays promoting maximum comfort
  • Targeted use of attachments for better precision where needed
  • Progress tracking and modifications to optimize results
  • Direct support from our knowledgeable doctors of dental surgery

We develop Solutions unique to your anatomy and goals. So you get the phenomenal smile you want with expert efficiency.

Relaxing, Spa-Like Dental Experiences

In addition to our personalized dentistry services, Dentique Dental Spa offers a tranquil, spa-like environment designed with your relaxation in mind. Many former SmileDirectClub patients are surprised by the world of difference choosing an established dental practice makes when it comes to service and comfort.

Enjoy stunning city views from our peaceful lounge before and after appointments. During extended procedures, take advantage of amenities like warm neck pillows, blankets, nitrous oxide sedation, and entertainment options so you can sit back and relax.

Our entire team goes out of our way to ensure your happiness and ease from the moment you walk through our doors. We can’t wait for you to discover the Dentique difference for yourself!

Outstanding Reputation Among Locals

Unlike SmileDirectClub which has faced extensive criticism over its model, Dentique Dental Spa is proudly rooted in the Perth community. We have spent years building our sterling reputation as the premier choice for cosmetic dentistry needs in Mount Lawley and beyond.

See for yourself our perfect 5-star patient ratings across Google, Facebook and other review sites. Our personalized service and attention to detail have made us the local favorite for Invisalign, dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers and more for good reason.

Ready to Continue Your Teeth Straightening Journey?

If you were an SmileDirectClub aligner customer impacted by their sudden bankruptcy, we encourage you to contact the professionals at Dentique Dental Spa today. Call 02 9223 1457 or complete our online Contact Form to schedule a fast and friendly consultation.

We are confident our extensive Invisalign expertise combined and gentle, spa-like approach will have you excited again about achieving your best smile. The one you deserve.

Don’t wait, our caring dental team stands ready to pick up where SmileDirect left off. We can’t wait to meet you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SmileDirectClub?

SmileDirectClub provides clear aligners for teeth straightening. Customers are mailed aligner trays after doing at-home impressions without in-person dental visits. Treatment is monitored remotely.

2. Why did SmileDirectClub file bankruptcy and close?

In fall 2023, SmileDirectClub filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to financial troubles, operational challenges, and mounting criticism over customer complaints and legal issues regarding their business model.

3. What happens to customers in the middle of SmileDirectClub treatment?

Unfortunately SmileDirectClub customers still undergoing treatment will not receive further aligners as the company has ceased operations. Customers should contact Dentique Dental Spa to finish treatment

4. How is Invisalign different from SmileDirectClub?

Invisalign is conducted under in-person supervision of orthodontists while SmileDirectClub relied on remote monitoring. Invisalign involves progress tracking and modifications which may lead to improved results.

5. Why choose Invisalign over SmileDirectClub aligners?

Invisalign offers a higher level of precision and personalization with dental professional oversight, leading to better fit and effectiveness long-term.

6. What issues did SmileDirectClub customers frequently report?

Common SmileDirectClub complaints involved poor fit, tooth misalignment, gum/mouth pain, and results that didn’t match expectations.

7. How can Dentique Dental Spa help SmileDirectClub customers?

Customized Invisalign treatment from Dentique Dental Spa corrects tracking flaws, improves fit & function through precision tools like attachments. Our dental professionals provide modifications/supervision.

8. Will Invisalign be able to achieve my teeth straightening goals?

Yes, Invisalign has been proven effective at treating a wide variety of cases. An experienced orthodontist will evaluate your specific situation to determine the customized plan to help you meet goals.

About Dr. Furlan

Dr. Camelia Furlan is a practicing dental surgeon, mother, wife, entrepreneur, health educator, life coach and author.

Dr. Furlan received her Bachelor in Dental Science training from the University of Western Australia. She worked as an emergency dentist in a private practice soon after graduation and during that time had the opportunity to see many accident and trauma cases, and became interested in reconstructing her patient’s function and aesthetics using fixed appliances such as dental implants and crown and bridge procedures.

The reconstruction of mutilated dentitions, inspired Dr Furlan to take a particular interest in the transformation of the whole facial aesthetics, leading to a shift in focus geared towards cosmetic dentistry, and facial procedures such as anti-wrinkle treatments and lip fillers as a solution for patients that were unhappy with their smiles.

With over 20+ years in practice, Dr. Furlan, today she oversees her own dental practice in Mount Lawley focusing on Smile Makeovers, Invisalign Clear Braces and Anti-Wrinkle Treatments. Her passion is to help people break through the barriers that prevent them from reaching their fullest potential in life, so that they may experience a life that is amazing, fulfilling and extra-ordinary. Her passion for her dental patients is to educate them on preventative dentistry, nutrition and get a Picture Perfect Smile using the latest in Dento-Facial Aesthetic procedures