The Crucial Importance and Many Health Benefits of General Dentistry

General dentistry is commonly referred to as the first line of defense when it comes to the fight against oral diseases. At our Mount Lawley dental clinic we cover a wide array of preventive measures, diagnosis methods, non-surgical procedures and surgeries geared toward maintaining or enhancing the health of our patients, as well as improving their appearance.

What Does Our Mount Lawley Dental Clinic Cover?

A dental office like ours covers a whole host of complex procedures and treatments that we are readily able to facilitate for our patients. You can contact us to find out more about the details regarding each of our treatments, however, to present a general overview of what we have to offer, we can refer to the use of our diagnosis procedures as a primary tool to find out what the problem is.

Once we have identified the issue, our Mount Lawley dental clinic will provide you with the various options for treatment that we can facilitate. These may range from simple treatments such as tooth cleaning and whitening, to implant surgeries, root canal and fillings, as well as the setup of dentures and bridges.

Unlike most family dentistry offices, we also specialize in cosmetic dentistry techniques that are designed to help improve your smile and the appearance of your teeth.

The Main General Dental Procedures You Should Be Aware of

General dentistry is quite vast, and the sheer number of general treatment procedures we can offer will likely exceed your expectations. Here is a short overview of all the procedures our Mount Lawley dental clinic specializes in:

• Efficient orthodontic treatments through cutting edge solutions like Invisalign;
• Dental fillings and bonding, used for restorative purposes and to repair the structural damage of your teeth;
• Root canal therapy involving the removal of infected pulp tissue to prevent further tooth decay;
• Dental prosthetics used for restorative purposes in the case of missing or heavily damaged teeth – including bridges, dentures, implants and crowns;
• Smile makeovers, teeth whitening, veneers and other cosmetic dentistry procedures;
• Skin care and aesthetic dentistry.

As experts in general dentistry, we treat all our patients with equal consideration, and we pay special attention to elderly patients and children who may need special treatment, depending on their specific problems.

Frequently Asked Questions about General Dentistry

Q: Is my best choice to visit a dental clinic nearby?

A: In most cases, you might be inclined to visit only the closest dentists to your location for the sake of convenience. However, if you have a more serious problem, and family dental care is not enough, we urge you to confidently contact our dental office for an appointment, and we will not only provide you with the most efficient and professional services, but we’ll also make sure your problems are solved in as few appointments as possible.

Q: Can general practitioners help with anti-aging problems?

A: Our clinic does specialize in a wide range of anti-aging issues, and can provide anti-aging injections, filler injections, lip enhancements, skin care products and treatments, and some of the best anti-aging dentistry solutions.

Q: How much do your services cost?

A: Depending on the type of dentistry solution you require, the type and amount of coverage you have, the severity of your problem and the number of sessions that will be required, prices can vary widely. To find out about specific general dentistry procedures and their costs, contact us, and we will be happy to facilitate an appointment and provide you with all the information you need.