Look Younger Longer with Wrinkle Relaxers

Wrinkle Relaxers  are purified natural proteins that are administered through the skin to block the nerve signals to certain muscles. The muscles then become more relaxed, which in turn reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles in the overlying skin They are often used for “Crows Feet” and “Frown Lines” between the eyes (the “Crooked 11”) but can also be used to treat forehead wrinkles. Once the area is treated, the effects on the muscles usually become apparent within a few hours, with the main effects appearing after about a week. The results are temporary (3-6 months) which means you will need top-ups a few times a year if you wish to maintain your line-free look.

What Does Skin Care Have to Do with Dentistry?

As a dentist trained in cosmetic dental procedures, it is my passion to help improve a patient’s smiles. Over the years patients have become more and more concerned with the surrounding structures (frame) around their smile, specifically their lips and skin. This is why I now offer my patients Dento-Facial services including wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers and home skin care products as part of their Smile Makeover Plan.

The Most Popular Skin Care Treatments

  • Wrinkle reducing injections are some of the most popular anti-aging methods, particularly when it comes to reducing signs of aging such as wrinkles.
  • A special type technology known as Visia helps analyze the condition of your skin. The Visia Complexion Analysis System allows for systematic diagnosis yielding quick and accurate results when it comes to determining the possible skin related issues you may be facing.
  • Stem cell rejuvenation therapy is one of the newest and best skin care treatments you can find. It involves the use of stem cells or “mother” cells to give your skin a fresh, youthful look full of vitality.

Common Questions About Anti-Aging Skin Care

Q: What does a skin care appointment consist of?

A: We will begin with a Smile Assessment and Computerized Complexion Analysis. From there I will be able to create a Smile Makeover Plan that includes cosmetic dental services such as teeth whitening or Invisalign as well as the appropriate Dental Facial services to help improve the appearance of your lips and skin.

Q: Where can I learn more about the details and costs involved?

A: To find out more about our special skin care services, all you have to do is contact our office and schedule a FREE Smile Assessment & Computerized Complexion Analysis. During that visit, I will provide you with all the information you seek, including the costs, insurance coverage – if applicable – the specifics of each aging skin care therapy session, and what your personalized therapy plan will consist of.

Scheduling Your Free Smile Assessment

If you are considering Anti-Aging or a Dento-Facial Aesthetic Procedure to help improve the appearance of your skin and smile, call our office 08 6244 0089 or click here now to scheduleFree Smile Assessment & Computerize Complexion Analysis and let us help you look and feel your best at every stage of life.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risk. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.